The material we developed is a secret formula, but basically, when the material comes into contact with the headlight plastic, it creates a harmless chemical reaction and cleans the oxidized plastic layer.

Polishing is basically a technique that scrapes a thin layer of the headlight plastic cover. Polishing cleans the headlight well but physically scratches it to remove the oxidize layer of the plastic. This in the long run can cause wear and can damage the headlights. Our wipes do not take any action that requires rubbing or scratching but a simple and easy wipe that cleans the headlight. the material inside the wipes that clean the oxidize layer doesn’t harm the headlight in any way.

No additional tools are needed. The kit is complete and has all the necessary accessories.

We cannot guarantee to a specific time because each case is different. Generally, the renewal lasts for 6 months to 1 year and more. But of course it depends largely on the condition of the headlights in the first place and the climate of your area.

Definately not. The wipes dont harm the color of the vehicle or the plastic parts in contact with them. Unlike other solutions in the market that need to protect the area around the headlight with a tape before starting the renewal process, our kit doesn’t require preparation or protection.

No. The wipes are not dangerous to the hands, but in case of irritation stop using immediately and rinse well with plenty of soap and water. We included in the kit a pair of gloves to protect your hands in any case.

No preparation is needed before the renewal process. If the headlights are really dirty with mud or dust you should rinse them with water and dry well before starting the renewal process.

Yes. We ship to all over the world.

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