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What is Wipe It Off

A revolutionary wipes kit for restoring car headlights in an easy and efficient way that delivers a 5-minute result.

In today’s automotive industry, most headlights renewal solutions use rough polishing as the main method. The problem with polishing using sandpaper or pads is that it scratches the plastic cover and damages the headlights, in the long run, causing faster wear off.

With an innovative powerful formula, Wipe It Off is able to clean the oxidized plastic layer that gives the headlights that faded yellowish look. In addition, it provides a transparent layer of protection against UV radiation and weather conditions.

The Wipe It Off kit has been developed to provide a solution that is efficient, fast, non-damaging and affordable. A solution that will allow anyone to easily renew their headlights and get a significant result in just few minutes.


Clean with (A) wipe

Spread the wipe on the headlight for 5 seconds to let it soak the oxidation. Then continue to wipe all the headlight surface completely


Dry with (Drying) wipe

With the drying wipe, dry all the headlight area you have just cleaned (do step 1 + 2 for each headlight separately)


Protect with (B) wipe

Spread the UV protection coating wipe (B) on the headlight surface from top to bottom side to side. Do it while the wipe is still folded.

Wipe It Off – Car Headlight Renewal Kit

An easier, faster and more efficient solution for headlight restoration at an affordable price. Just Wipe it off > Dry > Protect

Wipe It Off is a DIY kit that allows you to renew your headlights:

  • Without the hassle of going to the garage
  • Without paying a professional
  • Without working hard with multi-tools kits
  • Without wasting valuable time
  • Without using polishing that scratch and wear out the headlights

Get amazing results in 5 minutes!

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  1. John

    Great product! I tried and it works well worth the money

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1 - year

Long-term protection

Lasts UV protection layer that will keep your headlights from oxidizing



A complete solution that doesn't require polishing or additional tools



A cost-effective kit that gives a great result and great value for money



No more wasting time with multi-tools kits. Just wipe, dry and protect.

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