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Internet Privacy issues are making headlines everyday! 

50 Employees FIRED from Dow Chemicals related to porn.

Dow Chemical Co. fired 50 employees and disciplined 200 others after an e-mail investigation turned up hard-core pornography and violent subject matter, company officials said Thursday.

"We're not talking about personal uses of the computers and letters to mom," said Eric Grates, spokesman for Dow's Michigan Operations. "There was a whole range of things, from mild pornography to very graphic pornography and some seriously violent images."


   Residents want police fired, looking at porn.

ABC 13 Eyewitness News
Dozens of West University residents filled city hall Monday night demanding that the police chief be fired because he was caught looking at pornography on his city computer. 

They asked the mayor to accept chief Kevin Begley's resignation. But others, including a number who work on the police force, say the city manager was right to give the chief a second chance. Monday night's meeting came three weeks after Chief Begley admitted logging on to pornographic web sites on city time. 


   6 Civil servants FIRED for looking at porn.

The Scottish Executive has confirmed that six civil servants have been sacked for downloading internet pornography onto office computers. 

The staff were temporary employees who were dismissed or whose contracts were not renewed after the misuse was discovered.


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