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There is Clear Evidence on your PC right now of what websites you have visited. You think you can delete these files easily?

If you believe that will delete all the files, you are not alone. As some people have found out to their embarrassment. Click here to see some headlines.   

  • your boss finds it?

  • your partner finds it?

  • your kids find it?

  • your PC repair person finds it in the course of fixing or upgrading your PC?

  • legal authorities find it?

Embarrassing Moments

All browsers have an auto-complete feature which will recover anything you type. You have probably been in a situation at home or at work where you have started typing a web address into your browser, and the auto-complete feature automatically brings up a whole list of sites that have been visited before. You have no control over what is shown, and the person sitting next to you looking at the screen can easily see you have been visiting when you start typing 

Or your kid can try to type and it can recover as

Not too cool if your girlfriend, wife, or kids are using your computer! 

Wipe It Off allows you to delete all those auto-complete addresses so you can maintain your personal privacy.

Home page hijacking

Home page hijacking, and auto-bookmarking is another popular and annoying way websites invade your privacy. All all this for *NO* fault of yours other then visiting the offending site...and without your permission or knowledge. Often leading to more embarrassing moments. 

If you have been the victim of such an attack, you'll be aware of how annoying it is, and how extremely difficult it is to remove in some cases. Editing of your windows registry file is usually required to restore the home page to its original - well beyond the skills of most Internet users. 

Wipe It Off stops all this dead! While active, it prevents any unauthorized changes to your home page and bookmarks.

Privacy at home. Privacy at work.

One of the most appreciated features of Wipe It Off is the "Hide All IE Windows" hot key. 

Whether you just need to leave your desk for a few minutes, or someone enters the room, you can easily and instantly hide every single Internet Explorer window with just a key stroke. This means all the windows are still there but they are invisible. 

You are still logged into your stock trading account or Yahoo mail or wherever your favorite site is. Just another key stroke and the windows are back! Think of the other benefits too: Some sites throw up 2 or 3 popup consoles when you leave - making it very awkward to quickly get rid of all the instances of Internet Explorer. 

Wipe it Off and Exclusive Panic Button!!!

Yes, a truly unique feature. Instantly clears all traces of your activities and closes all your browser windows! 

Now you are equipped to act with lightening speed, delete every trace, every evidence, every trace... in 2 seconds flat. 

Do your math...this one feature could save your job, your marriage, your life! All this when you could really need help.

Feature Summary

  • Permanently deletes browser's cache files

  • Permanently deletes browser's cookie files

  • Deletes and disables "autocomplete" URLs

  • Cleans the secret index.dat file

  • Deletes Windows temporary folder

  • Permanently empties the Recycle bin

  • Blocks unwanted additions to "Favorites" folder

  • Blocks unauthorized changes to your Homepage

  • Deletes "Recent Documents" list

  • Deletes recently opened files from the "Run" menu

  • Deletes the "Find files" history

  • Deletes applications recently opened files list

  • "Panic" button instantly clears all traces of your activities and closes all your browser windows!

  • Clears all traces of your activities on shutdown

  • Frees hard drive space

  • Speeds up your computer

  • Each function / feature can be customized to your requirement.

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Hotkey for hiding browser windows

  • Small memory requirements

  • File Shredder

  • and much much more...

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Wipe It Off Supports
[ Windows XP/NT/ME/2000K/98/95 Compatible ] 


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